FIORA isn’t just a company, it’s our second baby. FIORA is so excited to celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary Sale! 

So what's the Real Story?  

Go behind the closed doors and discover how DREAMS and DEDICATION transpired into REALITY.  


Growing up on the desert border of Texas and Mexico, Laura (designer and owner), was always enamored with culture and diverse fashion. After making a college bust to study politics in Florence and Madrid, she became passionate about European fashion, primarily leather stiletto boots. After years of wearing gorgeous high-heeled boots and living with achy feet, Laura began looking into a more practical type of footwear that would be just as stylish and sexy.   


After settling down in San Diego, California, Laura swapped out her European boot wardrobe for fashion that resembled a culture that was slightly closer to her home, the Lone Star State. Soon she was pairing sundresses and skirts with Western boots. The newer look was comfortable and just as stylish as before. It was a match made in heaven! 


Living in Southern California, she was surprised how many compliments and interest arose from wearing Western boots. After buying several pairs and scouring the market for that new exciting pair, she realized that there were very few Western boots with crystals on them. Hence, the idea of making a Western boot with sparkling Swarovski crystals came to light and the endeavor began.


Without any hesitation, she set out to Mexico’s  leather capital of Leon, Guanajuato. Little did she know that designing and manufacturing a Western boot line with Swarovski crystals would pose an incredibly difficult venture. Finding boot manufacturing companies was the first hurdle, as they aren’t listed on any Google search. Attending Leon’s large shoe conventions enabled her to start networking with boot manufacturing companies. 


FIORA’s first experience with a manufacturing company was interesting to say the least. It was a medieval-like compound with a tiny metal 4’ by 4’ steel door. Laura wasn’t even sure if their company crew could fit through it. The factory loved the FIORA project, yet after making several beautiful samples, they had to decline production due to the difficult and delicate application of the Swarovski crystals.


Dedicated to FIORA, Laura began networking with more local factories, taking the previous samples to each one. A second manufacturing company picked up the FIORA project, yet unfortunately after two years, they declined for the same reason. These boots were labeled “too high maintenance” and the case was closed. 


After four years of working with foreign  companies and a couple major blows, Laura began to wonder if her passion was just too idealistic. She had caught dengue fever during one stint, investment funds were running low, and there was an ongoing cloud of doubt. But giving up on a dream wasn’t in the company's cards.  


Finally, a seventh  journey to Leon proved hopeful. Several Mexican companies kept referring to a hidden, remote place called, “The Turquoise Door.” Walking through the turquoise door was inspiring with magenta bougainvilleas, green grass, and a small pond leading into the business. FIORA finally found hope again. After both companies exerted much diligence, in-depth measuring, and perfecting prototypes, FIORA had found her match. A year later, FIORA boots went into production. 


The company behind the magical door is LANE boots and the FIORA company will always appreciate their dedication to making a high-end, luxurious boot. It was then that FIORA’s dream came true!