How to Tell if Your Western Boots Fit

FIORA’s Empress collection features a snip-toe design. A pair of snip-toe western boots can have a tighter fit than a pair of round-toe western boots, but that's where FIORA is different.

Find out how to pick that perfect pair of luxury western boots...

Here are some important fitment characteristics you should know before jumping into a pair of snip-toe luxury Western boots.

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The snip-toe design narrows off at the tip almost to a fine point before it snips off to a flat edge. FIORA's luxury western boots fit true to size. However, if you have extremely wide feet we recommend half size up. The fitment of snip-toe boots should never leave your toes cramped up at the tip. Keep that in mind and select a size slightly larger than what you would normally wear in other wide-toed designs.

Assuming you’ve selected a size that affords your toes the proper fitment, you’ll find that your heel has a small amount of travel inside the boot. Not to worry, Western style boots naturally allow some heel travel. FIORA's luxury western boots fit best with a thick pair of socks.

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Getting in and out of a pair of Western style boots can be a challenge for some. FIORA kept the traditional pull strap design when creating the Empress collection. The pull straps located at the top of the boot shaft are designed to help you pull the boot on. However, this extreme firmness should subside as the leather softens over time.

To recap, FIORA's luxury western boots fit true to size. However, if you have extremely wide feet we recommend a half size up. A small amount of heel travel is normal with all Western boots, so remember to wear thick socks. FIORA is a hand-crafted luxury Western boot. Each pair is unique and delicate. Always handle with care.