Five Features That Make FIORA Boots Unique

There are many styles of luxury western boots on the market, so it’s important to know what makes FIORA so unique. FIORA takes the traditional Western boot in a new direction boasting Swarovski Crystals and distressed leathers that create a luxurious western design. 

Discover 5 reasons why FIORA will captivate any audience...

FIORA shares the name of the Roman Goddess of Springtime and youth. In keeping with the spirit of the Springtime Goddess, FIORA incorporates floral accents and Goddess-like features into its design.

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#1 The Boot Shaft

Western style boots have stitching along the boot shaft to help support the leather. Without sturdy stitching, the boot shaft would quickly become loose and flop about. FIORA stitching around the boot shaft features a rose thorn pattern that intersects with the pull straps near the top of the boot shaft.

#2 The Buckles

FIORA’s design also uses two stitched leather straps with opulent FIORA buckles. Each buckle is adjustable, so you can make the boot firm as desired. Both features are functional and stylish.

FIORA boots, luxury western boots, women's boots

#3 The Vamp

FIORA has a wingtip design that will absolutely turn heads. The vamp is decorated with a FIORA inspired wingtip. The shape and artisan stitching around the wingtip signifies a wild rose blooming in Spring, and the genuine Swarovski crystals illuminate like a true Goddess of Springtime.

#4 The Swarovski Crystals

Luxury Western boots wouldn’t be complete without genuine Swarovski Crystals. Swarovski crystals have beautiful facets which reflect beautifully in any light. The FIORA design uses these crystals to inspire confidence and versatility. FIORA can be worn for many occasions and fit perfectly with most outfits.

FIORA Boots, western boots, women's shoes

#5 The Outer Sole

The genuine FIORA logo is also present in the rich mahogany toned sole. FIORA stays true to the wild at heart in every aspect of its design. FIORA was meant to stay attractive and youthful through every motion of life. You can kick your feet up and let your inner Goddess shine.