FIORA's Western Boots are Handmade in the Heart of Mexico

Looking for an inspirational getaway?

FIORA is proudly made in a place that will take you back into time! After all, FIORA’s original concept was inspired by old world charm. And after much dedication, FIORA’s ultimate design emulates the mesmerizing brilliance of the baroque city, Guanajuato, a hidden gem deep in the heart of Mexico. 


Sixteenth century, Guanajuato, boasts a magical collection of neoclassical and baroque architecture, rustic basilicas, and vibrant haciendas. More so, the lively plazas, cobblestone streets, and mesmerizing cliff views make this destination so enchanting, your spirit will come alive. 


Yet, Guanajuato’s true splendor is from the plethora of rich colors and golden hues that majestically synchronize at sunset. This rarity is simply captivating… Likewise, FIORA’s design allures, illuminates, and captivates with its array of Swarovski aurora borealis crystals that reflect a rainbow of colors. 


Take a step into fantasy.  Guanajuato and FIORA will both captivate the Wild at Heart!