FIORA Boots - Boho Luxury Fashion

Do you love Swarovski Crystals as much as FIORA? If so, Explore the Fairytale behind the invention of Swarovski Crystals.

Swarovski Crystals are actually man-made gems manufactured in Austria. Today, the Swarovski Company is a 5th generation family - owned business with over 27,000 employees worldwide. 

But the real fairytale dates back to 1892 in Bohemia (now the Czech Republic). It was the apprentice, Daniel Swarovski, an ambitious son of a glass-cutter, that had a passion to create a stone that was affordable for all women; not only the elite! After much diligence, he invented and patented a revolutionary electric cutting machine that used hydro-electricity to create his masterpiece; a precision-cut, high quality, lead glass crystal. For over a century, rumors have alluded to a recipe that consists of minerals, quartz, and sand, but the exact proportions of the raw materials remain a company secret...

In 1956, Swarovski’s son, Manfred, collaborated with Christian Dior to develop a new striking  “Aurora Borealis” effect which gives a shimmering rainbow sparkle to the Swarovski Crystals.

This chilling effect is achieved from a micro-thin layer of vaporized blue metal, which is coated on the crystals’ lower facets. Named after the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis crystal is truly a mesmerizing medley of translucent, rainbow-hued, refracted light. 

FIORA also celebrates this unique brilliance as each pair is handcrafted and adorned with hundreds of the “Aurora Borealis” crystals.  FIORA’s luxury boots are designed to Allure, Illuminate, and Captivate the Wild at Heart.