Caring for Your FIORA Boots

Ever wonder how to safely clean leather boots? There's an easy way to do just that! Read more about preserving luxury western boots. 

Because you’ve invested so much in these luxury leather pieces you’ll want to treat them with the utmost care. Fiora Boots are made of distressed leather, so take the right steps in preserving these beauties.

Cleaning is as easy as using a lint-free cloth and mild detergent mixed with warm water. Carefully dab the boots, as you would when cleaning carpet. Don’t wipe or aggressively scrub. Repeat the process for cleaning crystals. Tenderly Leather Softener will help protect and soften boots.


For traditional leather, use a slightly damp cloth or brush to remove dirt and dust. A toothbrush can also help as well as saddle soap or shoe cleaner. Condition boots only after cleaning and drying so the conditioner can seep into the pores of the leather. Massage conditioner into the boot. A lanolin-based  conditioner will prevent the color and finish from changing on the leather. Oil-based conditioners can darken a boot, so only use these on darker boots or ones with an oil finish. Polish can cover up scratches and add shine, but should only be applied to boots with a finish and is not to be used on suede or snakeskin.

Make sure you’re storing your boots properly as well. Storing boots upright and allowing them to breathe is always best. A cedar boot tree inside can help absorb moisture and retain the boots’ original shape, as well as prevent the toes from curling. Keep boots away from light and dampness to preserve their color and finish.

Wear with pride for a perfectly polished accessory!